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Our Association  is the International, protected and legalized, by the Departments of the Interior and of Outer Subjects, through the AECI, (Spanish Agency of Cooperation the International), it is integrated by a nourished group of great professionals, teachers in the different martial arts, which we conceived the idea later and a reality, to create an association of international character, where all the martial arts, hermanadas by a slogan in common, the diffusion and development of the martial arts in their different scopes had capacity, the competitive one, the self-defense, as much in the civil, police scope like military man. ; for it we counted on an Academy of Formation of character the International, where to the pupils one forms to him, it becomes qualified to him and certificate with official recognition. 


This will allow, that as much a Club, Gymnasium, or Professor of Martial Arts, like individual medical instructor, can integrate itself officially and be represented by our Association, recognized by the competent authorities, whose programs of training and specialization, are adapted to the exigencies, knowledge and aspirations of the associate, on the base of the learning of the Integral, Police or military Self-defense, the Karate Jutsu, the Jiujutsu and the Aiki traditional Jutsu and to its real capacity of assimilation

The Association the Cultural International of Sports battle and Integral Self-defense, and POLICE OFFICER, offers to its associate, service of a remote and customized consultant's office, through programs custom-made and a direct attention in the formation of Instructors, Through a group of Professors of high level technical and recognized experience the International.

Through our Organization, the Associate, will also receive a pedagogical attention through the channels created to the effect, organizativas facilities for the convalidacion of degrees, educational categories, specialization and advanced training courses, courses of events of qualification and technical overcoming, in addition to courses of Integral Self-defense, adapted to the necessities and requirements of the operative work and social and citizen security of its associate.President Intro.



Grandmaster Juan Jose Diaz


10th Dan  Karate Jutsu
10th Dan Ju Jitsu
9th  Dan Taiho Jutsu
9th  Dan Bu Jutsu 


The Great Teacher Juan Jose Diaz of Spanish nationality Is licensed in Sciences of the Physical education and Deporte,with more than 50 years of 

uninterrupted practice in the field of the Martial Arts and systems of self-defense and self-defense in his different areas, 

as well as adviser and professor of Police Self-defense, in the Municipal Police of the City council of Madrid.


At the moment he is the Founding President and of the Federation the International of Sports battle and Integral Self-defense and police KAISENDO.

President of Confederation Euroamericana de Karate and Artes Marciales Afines (C.E.K.A.M.A.)


The Great Teacher for being a man of example in the personnel and the pioneering, innovating and futurist professional as much in his Spain country as in the outside, 

in teaching of the martial arts, the self-defense and self-defense in all his areas has received through the International School of Martial Arts (ISMA) 

 Hall of Fame of the Martial Arts it is recognized and registered in the gold book by its long and fruitful trajectory as martial professor of sport battle, 

arts and Self-defense in all its areas, being also recognized world-wide his Spanish system of Integral Self-defense and Police KAISENDO (SIAK).


The Founding Teacher Juan J.Díaz is:

10º Dan Karate Goju Ryu Nibukai
10º Dan Jiu Jitsu by the World Butokukai Institute, recognized by (AJJIF), All Japan Jiu Jitsu International Federaction.
10º Dan de Karate Jutsu
10º Dan Dai Soke (World Sijo DaiSoke Renmei)
8º Dan de Karatedo, validated by Budokai the Federation International
9º Dan Tai-Ho-Jutsu.
9º Dan Yawara Ryu Aiki Jiu Jitsu (Menkyo Kaiden Hanshi
9º Dan Dai Soke Hanshi (World Ju Jitsu/Aiki Bujutsu Federation
9º Dan of BU-JUTSU by association Française de Bu Jutsu and Bourdon
5º Dan of KIP KE HSIAO (Cuban Association of ke Hsiao-File Lama Chijiuheping)  

Adviser and Professor National de Judo and Karate.

Adviser and Professor the International of Self-defense and Self-defense in all its areas.

Professor authorized and recognized by the Main directorate of the Police with SUPERIOR TECHNICAL Nº2076- IN TACTICS AND POLICE DEFENSIVE TECHNIQUES, 

recognized by the Ministry of Work in France, Nº 11753859075


Recognized and legalized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Deportes of Venezuela with No P.R. 01941504.

The Teacher Juan Diaz is author and writer of books and articles. The creation of his first books was inspired by that passion to the martial arts that they 

delegated in his teachers and that took it to transmit all that knowledge to the fundamental pillars of a society (the children and children)

and for that reason wrote first books in Spain on the Martial arts for children who have been recognized by federations of the Judo and 

the Karate which are nowadays fundamental pillars of study in the science of this discipline:

At the present time the SOKE Juan J. Diaz is dedicated to the advising and qualification of professionals in all the areas of the 

self-defense, in the martial discipline and the sports battle at international level through their courses, seminaries and conferences, 

besides to direct and to supervise the different organizations who have founded and to that she belongs. 

Also one dedicates to the promotion and diffusion of its system through articles, books and in different social mass media.  

More information of KAISENDO is in :  http://www.kaisendo.org/



The meaning etymological is: “The way of the continuous perfection”

The logo of Kaisendo indicates (appoints) the philosophy of a global conception of the Art Martial Universal, (some there the shape of letters Kaisendo looking like the globe, the black colors means the depth of its educational and scientific studies, the red colors indicates force, blood, life; the blue colors of the star in six branches indicates the serenity and world peace pointing in all the directions of the Universe.

Down are the Chinese ideograms which give name to the school, called : KAISENRYU.



The Kaisendo´s System is a physical and mental training of the arts of fight hand-to-hand fight, directed exclusively to the systematic and technical development of the complete self defense.

In the long term, it is looked for the moral and spiritual perfection of the man in the social environment. Unlike the other arts of fight, it (he) does not base himself on the education of some keys or guiles, but on the general technical principles which will allow the follower to think and to create and to avoid the mechanical education of techniques.

This art applies fundamentally techniques free of hands and feet, throws of Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, attacks, in the vital human points of the body

( Kyushos ), the keys to the joints, dislocations and immobilizations, and in lesser the techniques of sacrifice (Sutemis).


Golden rule is that there is not martial art superior to the others; competitive regulation (payment) is the one that limits its potential efficiency and the entry in a radical superiority. In rooms are often taught techniques remote from the objective reality which the student will face in the street and against which he can not adapt of answer by his small physical and psychological preparation.


Kaisendo system in conceived for people who have specially no excellent preparation because supreme objective is not to make champions of it but to prepare them in the short run for their self-defense and to be capable of neutralizing an aggression.

The Kaisendo is not the sum techniques of Martial Arts but a choice of the most representative; this shape allows the pupil a short-term preparation for an elementary or basic self-defense: it he decides on it, techniques will be perfected through his life.

Why does one call it Integral Self Defense? Because it can reach the last consequences according to the intentions of the aggressor and the intensity of the attack, quite in remaining within the framework of the Law.

One can learn the Kaisendo in a dojo because it has its own methodology. The student learns discipline, to become responsible, thoughtful, in brief to be a man with the cold spirit capable or reacting positively in any situation. As martial arts beginnings are difficult but once learnt the principles of various techniques, study is much more reasonable; anyway, it is long, intense and constant.

The Kaisendo is a system which we can teach the children with the reserve to eliminate the dangerous techniques to save physical integrity, by teaching them the respect for the opponent, justice and tolerance: in summary to be in future a complete man.

The methodology of the Kaisendo system begins with the study of the environment, the different domains and the forms in witch against the real attacks and personal attacks are developed in a structure of basic answers; forms of attacks will be chosen by simple and direct answers until the most complex and different combinations. From this point of view are defined the stages of the Kaisendo. System defines attacks in fields and potential of defenses in ruling groups. The pupil has to learn the ruling techniques, the basic combinations of attacks and the potential of defense witch will allow him to create a solid base, with the objective which he is capable of creating his own tactical and strategic combinations of defense. Danger is to practice the execution of techniques without leaving a mental and psychological classification.

The traditional systems of fight are criticized for their lack of efficiency in self-defense. The ambiguity of the term “Art as of the term “Martial” sowed a doubt.

We are far from the reality, in both cases. The gaps which exist between the study of an art and its adaptation and application in a real environment in front of a real aggression are numerous and deep. There are today so sophisticated and murderous weapons that no martial system has more any sense. The Kaisendo does not envisage the study of weapons because their learning asks for often too many years of practice; it is clear those fists and feet are the unique weapons which we can have on us at any moments and of whom will be of use most. Continuous improvement and enrichment of the self-defense by the scientific application of the use of hands and feet, such is the vital lead of the Kaisendo.

The Kaisendo is a system of defense which regroups best the most effective techniques, dividing the ruling techniques and the basic elements which determine them. The Prehistoric men defended themselves with stones, other or wooden fragments; nowadays by the use of words...but they do not make

self-defense. Short-term objective is the search for sufficient new techniques containing answers possible for the infinite forms of attacks or physical attacks while avoiding mechanical education. Long-term objective is the moral and spiritual continuous improvement of the man in his social environment. For it, the Kaisendo is taught according to an educational set including a cultural, moral, psychological and technical, strategic, specific, physical, tactical forming. For every type of pupil there is a different preparation; various educational stages are: Adaptation, initiation, development, maturity and at the end the bosses.

The Kaisendo analyses in a very coherent way the problem of the conception of a system of education and approach of the personal defense and elaborates a complete method conjugating simplicity and logic to facilitate the understanding of the pupil and to direct it to the best way of neutralizing an attack according to the criteria of efficiency and economy. To be able to work at any distance of fight by taking advantage at most of every technique and leaving aside the aesthetic and metaphysical aspect. Coordination, precision and speed will be the strong points of the systems of the Kaisendo.

The Kaisendo is not a school of martial arts, based on conventional approaches; it is the modern method witch allows natural, physical, practical and easy techniques based on simple movements of human body. The realism of this discipline does not authorize rules, limits so of sporting events. Simplicity is determining in front of a physical aggression: no concern of an aesthetic, priority is for the efficiency.


China Representative:
Mr. Xinwei Gao (William Gao)

The President of Flash Tiger Karate Mr. Xinwei Gao was certified as the National Representitive of China :



 Mr. Xinwei Gao was also certified by


International Federation of Sports of Combat, Integral & Policial Self-Defense Kaisendo

Euroamerican Karate & Martial Arts Confederation

All Japan Jiu Jitsu

World Martial Arts Confederation

Karate Black Belt 4th Dan



International Federation of Sports of Combat, Integral & Policial Self-Defense Kaisendo

Euroamerican Karate & Martial Arts Confederation

All Japan Jiu Jitsu

World Martial Arts Confederation

Ju Jitsu 1st Dan



Mr.Gao with Soke and Instructors in Madrid, Spain. Sep 17th. 2016.


Mr.Gao was certified by Soke Juan Diaz (10th Dan) in Madrid, Spain. Sep.17th, 2016.



  Mr.Gao trained with Master Joan Carles Sanchez Babia(Black Belt 3rd Dan)、Master David Domingo Rancal (Black Belt 5th Dan )

in Barcelona, Spain. Sept. 13th, 2016.


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